Birthday Baskets are AMAZING! Turn your child’s birthday wish list into a fun activity. Bring your child to Giggles before their party to select items to be held in their basket. Tell friends and family about your child's wish list. It's as as simple as that! Your child will have tons of fun filling the basket and guests will have confidence in knowing the gift they select is something your child is eager to receive (and doesn't already have)!

Need help finding the perfect gift?
Let Giggles be your guide.

There you'll find a basket
Full of a (name of child) favorites inside.

No matter what you choose -
Tasty treat or fun new toy...

You can be certain that your gift
Is something (name of child) will enjoy.

Of course, birthday presents aren't measured by the dollar or the ounce.
When it comes to giving, it's the thought that really counts!